JAISS bringing out a bi-annual journal named Social Science Probings for more than 20 years now with the contributions from experts in the fields of economy, philosophy, art, culture and so on. Among the contributors have been many eminent persons including Prof. Amartya Sen and Dr. K.S. Singh. It has also carried the research papers as well as the survey reports of the studies conducted at the grass-roots. Some issues have been focused on specific subjects. The editorial board is chaired by a renowned historian Prof. R.S. Sharma and members include Prof. S.K. Chaube, Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty, Prof. D.N. Jha and Prof K.M. Shrimali.
The institute has also brought out some publications.

Agrarian Crisis: Women’s Role in Revolutionary Transformation

A Policy Paper by Dr. Jaya Mehta, Joshi-Adhikari Insitute of Social Studies

Published by Focus on the Global South with support from the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – South Asia office.

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From the Realm of Necessity to the Realm of Freedom


Published by Joshi-Adhikari Institute of Social Studies, Action aid (India) and Aakar Books.

Page: 296 | Rs. 695

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Agrarian Crisis: Life at Stake in Rural India

A summary report published in Hindi as well as English in a booklet form (One thousand copies each) at the time of All India Kisan Sabha’s Aurangabad Conference. The copies published by Joshi-Adhikari Institute were distributed free to all the delegates came from various states.
Our comrades in Maharashtra appreciated the effort and translated, published, sold and distributed 2000 copies of it in no time. Comrade Kolli Nageshwar Rao, Vice President of Kisan Sabha and Comrade Vijalakhshmi, who were state coordinators also for the study, took special interest to get the Andhra State Volume and the Main Volume of the report translated in Telugu. With their efforts they brought out the Telugu edition of the report which was released in Hyderabad by Comrade Sudhakar Reddy at Makhdoom Bhawan. Responding to the demands from Hindi belt, we brought out a second edition of the small booklet in hindi also which is almost half finished.
Many magazines and journals took note of the report and published the excerpts from the report. Alternative Economic Survey gave special coverage to the report.
We have got responses from various places including scholars from abroad. Some independent individuals as well as party comrades have shown interest to translate and publish this report in Bangla and Punjabi also.

To download the report click here: Agrarian Crisis – Hindi | Agrarian Crisis – English

Mankind did fly – in search of a socialist alternative

JAISS published this Gold Medal awarded paper of Dr. Jaya Mehta which gives a detailed account of the handling of the peasant question in different countries where revolutionaries were able to make a break with the ongoing capitalist mode of production. She discusses cases of USSR, China, Cuba and Venezuela and suggests that without resolving the peasant question, the possible socialist alternative in 21st century will be difficult to achieve.
One thousand copies of this booklet were printed in first edition.

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The Russian Revolution and the Indian Freedom Struggle

This book is a collection of articles that connect two great world revolutionary movements, the Russian Revolution and the Indian anti-colonial struggle. The articles are written by veteran leaders of Communist Party of India and published at different times in New Age, the central organ of the party (except for the articles of Lenin, M. N. Roy and Prabhat Patnaik).

The articles reflect the thinking and practice of the leadership, how it was influenced by the ideas of the Russian Revolution and how it adapted to local conditions in its struggle against British rule in India.

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